Sexy saDie, what havE you done?
    You made a fool of everyone
    sexy sadie, you broke the rules
    you laid it down for all to see

    One sunny day the world was wating for a lover
    she Came along to turn on everyone
    sexy sadie, she's the greatest of them all

    sexy sadie, how did yoU know?
    the world was wating just for you
    sexy sadie, you get yours yet
    however big you think you are

    We gave her everything we own just to sit at her table
    just a smile would lighten everything
    sexy sadie she's the lady the greatest of them all

    dim dam doum
    pim padoum doum
    toui ti dii toui di ti
    toïn toïn toiiiin
    pa da dam pa da dam

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